Garcia Will Run Against Scandalized Assemblyman Lopez

Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez

Despite having announced that he would not run against scandal-scarred Democratic Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Richy Garcia was persuaded to challenge Lopez in the up and coming election.

“I am excited and enthusiastic” Richy Garcia said after lunching with Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton. “I spoke with friends and family, and decided this is something I need to do – that I need to ensure the community I am running in has a voice and has an alternative candidate to vote for.”

Garcia is a 26 year-old employee at the city Board of Elections’ Brooklyn warehouse. According to Eaton it was the media attention addressed to the allegations of sexual harassment on the part of Lopez which inspired Garcia to challenge Lopez for his Assembly seat. As a result of those allegations, which Lopez has denied, he was forced to give up his leadership of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, and much of his legislative power has been denied him since August.


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