Pork Only Food on Menu on Flight from Israel

Beginnings are never easy, and in the case of the UK’s latest budget airline, easyJet this beginning was especially embarrassing.   Passengers en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to London were given a meal choice between ham melts and bacon baguettes, both containing pork products, one of the forbidden foods for both Jews and Muslims who observe their religion’s dietary laws. Considering that it is a fair guess that a sizable percentage of the passengers on board a flight leaving Israel are either Jewish or Muslim, this could prove to be not only an embarrassing mistake, but an uncomfortable one for many passengers as well.

The new 4 and a half hour route was introduced by easyJet last November, but this is the first time such a mistake, as far as anyone is aware, was made. According to an easyJet spokesperson pork products are not even allowed on the planes which fly this route.   The spokeswoman added, “It appears that a mistake was made on this flight and that incorrect food canisters were loaded. We would like to apologize to the passengers.”

The airline apologized to their Jewish customers for the mistake.


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