Plea for More Charter Schools from Brooklyn’s MESA Student

Genesis Ramos is a 17-year-old with a dream. She is a senior at Bushwick’s Math Engineering and Science Academy charter high school, and has already been accepted into the Macaulay honor’s program at Hunter and Baruch colleges. She credits MESA for giving her the opportunity to excel, and now she would like to see more such schools available.

Ramos’ dream is to see New York State lawmakers listen to parents and students, and pass a law which will allow more charter schools like hers to open.

“It’s unfair to limit opportunities to other students. I really think the legislature should lift the cap on charter schools,” she said.

New York lawmakers have so far refused to amend the law which reduces the limit the state budget can dedicate to charter schools.

Ramos added, ““If the politicians actually understood how amazing MESA is, they wouldn’t have a limit on charter schools.”


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