New York City Appoints Four New Judges

Lawrence K. Marks, Chief Administrative Judge in New York, announced on Tuesday the appointment of four new appointments of judges to administrative roles in the local court system.

  • Justice Anthony Cannataro will serve as administrative judge for New York City Civil Court
  • Justice Desmond A. Green will be the new administrative judge for Civil and Criminal terms in Staten Island
  • Justice Tamilo Amaker will serve as the administrative judge for the New York City Criminal Court
  • Justice Deborah A. Kaplan will serve as administrative judge, Civil Term in Manhattan

“These four judges are exemplary public servants, representing a wealth of talent and expertise, and possessing the leadership, vision and collegiality for success in their critical new roles,” Marks said.

“I am pleased that they have accepted these challenging assignments and look forward to working together with them to build on the progress of Chief Judge DiFiore’s Excellence Initiative, exploring and advancing case management and other strategies to make the New York courts more efficient, effective and accessible.”


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