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Art Deco and Neoclassical Coming Together in Williamsburg

The area is being cleared and the foundations being dug in preparation for the construction of Brooklyn’s newest combo project: The Dime Savings Bank

The main branch on Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn om 2015. Photo courtesy Jr3500.

/Residential tower.

Proceeding apace, Williamsburg’s historic Dime Savings Bank will see a specially designed 248-foot tower rise adjacent, incorporating the Dime’s neoclassical design into the art-deco inspired design of the tower.

The tower will, upon completion, be 22-stories comprising 350,000 square-feet which will be distributed among 178 rental apartments and 100,000 square-feet of office space and 55,000 square-feet of ground floor retail rentals. There will also be accommodations for 340 cars.

Fogarty Finger Architects designed the tower, which will integrate the beloved look of the Dime building into the more modern, art-deco look of the tower. Two companies are behind the project’s development: Charney Construction and Development and Tavros Capital Partners. Tavros bought the property in March 2016 for $80 million, and just received a loan for the tower’s construction this month for $150 million.

The plan includes restoration of the bank building. Additions from the ‘60s, such as drop ceilings and some finishes will be removed. Columns will be renewed, and special attention will be paid to the skylight already there, working to maximize the light pouring in. The area of the bank will function either as a showroom, office lobby or retail space.

The architects took their inspiration from Art Moderne architecture in addition to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, especially his Johnson Wax Building and the Starrett-Leigh building in Chelsea.

The structure will be dressed in white terra cotta, and wink and nod to the Dime’s original look.

The project is expected to be completed sometime in second quarter of 2019.


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