Mandela’s Daughter Honored at Brooklyn Wine Tasting Event

Mandela Daughter and Granddaughter Honored at Wine Festival
Mandela Daughter and Granddaughter Honored at Wine Festival

Thursday evening’s Toast of Brooklyn Wine and Food Festival honored the daughter and granddaughter of famed South African leader Nelson Mandela with the bestowal of the World Humanitarian Award.

The ceremony featured the new wine venture in which the Mandela family has embarked known as “House of Mandela.” The award itself is to honor the charitable work undertaken by the former South African president.

Before the beginning of the wine festival Mandela’s daughter, Makaziwe Mandela talked for a moment about her father’s health:

“He’s a very sick man, he’s been sick for a very long time and all that I can say is…the word that I use is hovering. He’s not getting better or he’s not getting worse but a very, very sick man at 95.”


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