Loft Construction Making Changes with Gregory L. Spatz

New Lofts in Wilwaukee.

There is a fascinating trend today to transform old, run-down spaces into vibrant lofts and work spaces. One of the ways that companies, like the United States Construction Corporation with Gregory L. Spatz, are doing so is to have storefront spaces on the bottom floor and then to have loft living on the second and higher floors. There are many advantages to such a make-up. It allows for a small-town living feel even in the big city where store owners could live above their stores. Similarly, other people living in the lofts would have the convenience of going just downstairs to purchase their groceries, get their hair done and enjoy other conveniently located stores.

Such trends are certainly part of the design plans from Gregory L. Spatz’ business where they construct and manage multi-family residential projects and commercial spaces. In today’s busy world these types of projects allow people to feel that they live in a small town, even if they are in a big city. These types of loft and commercial spaces create a feeling of community and enable neighbors to get to know each other more. Furthermore, construction from locations like that where Gregory L. Spatz is the President enable people to revitalize rundown areas. Such construction projects can really turn around a neighborhood and help to rejuvenate an area that needs a facelift. Getting in on the bottom up is a great way for someone with less money to be able to afford something as well, and is certainly a worthwhile idea for New Yorkers who are looking to put down roots.


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