Grado Headphones Now Grow in Brooklyn

Grado Labs Wooden Headphone
Grado Labs Wooden Headphone: Photo credit Jonathan Grado

Grado Labs has been making wooden headphones whose quality has been satisfying such discerning customers as Mike Krieger, founder of Instagram, musician Neil Young, and film director Spike Jonze. The appeal is based on two major factors; their sound and their “made-in-Brooklyn pedigree.

Now Grado has decided to take the concept to the next level: instead of using imported mahogany to craft the headphones, the wood will come from a maple tree from the local reclaimed Sunset Park.

“We’ve been making wooden headphones for 20 years, and … ‘Oh, a tree grows in Brooklyn”™ people would kid us about it” said owner Jonathan Grado, referring to the beloved 1943 novel by Betty Smith about a young girl from a poor Irish family growing up in Brooklyn near the turn of the century.

“But it just seemed to be the right time, and everything fell into place for us to do this” Grado, added.


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