New York

Gowanus Schools, Others Start Today

Today brings the start of the new school year for the New York City public schools system, and for most private schools in the area. The school year actually started one day later than originally planned to offer teachers one more day to familiarize themselves with the new curriculum.

New Curriculum

The new curriculum, called “Common Core Standards” is asking teachers to align their teaching with higher expectations over the coming years. Changes include a mandatory sex ed class, a new 9/11 curriculum, new sexual harassment regulations, more reading writing and math learning.

The Changing Face of the Schools

Some schools are undergoing changes while others are just beginning. The Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is finally leaving the Sunset Park High School premises. They will be located at Bishop Ford until their building in Gowanus is completed.

Budget and Other Issues

Of course, no school year can begin without some controversy. School budgets have been slashed again and 780 employees across the system will be laid off on the first day of school. 2000 teachers are also losing their permanent positions. With all of this, class sizes are ever-increasing and many programs have been eliminated or cut back.

Of course, despite these bumps, everyone is hoping for a smooth and productive year for our children. Let’s hope that the new curriculum is productive and fruitful for our kids!


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