Giuliani Offers Advice to Ciudad Juarez

Pedro Zaragoza meets Rudy Giuliani

Former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani spoke in Ciudad Juarez in order to help reduce crime in the city. Many were in attendance, including Pedro Zaragoza Fuentes.

He offered several helpful tips that the region will need in order to dramatically reduce crime levels. One, he said, is to look to the most reliable people to head the police department, and to back the position with financial stimulus as well. The second, he said, is to improve the law enforcement system itself, ensuring that criminals face the maximum penalties with no “easy way out.” Giuliani’s third tip was to categorize and understand crime and criminals, as this is the best way to stop it. His fourth suggestion was to reform prisons and jailing systems, inhibiting criminals from continuing their actions from the inside.


He added that an important aspect is “zero tolerance.” Giuliani emphasized the problem by saying: “The streets are for honest people, decent, to enjoy their lives, people should not be afraid to go to the movies and bookstores, and women should not be afraid to walk at night.”


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