New York

Hawk Hangs Out at Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall

It’s not often here in Brooklyn that we get to enjoy a hawk loitering around on the sidewalk. Recently however, those at Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall got to enjoy just that. Jeremy, the photographer who captured these amazing pictures and talked to, explained that the hawk seemed rather calm outside of the shopping center.

He hung out for a good ten minutes, even staying in place as children stopped close by to look at him. He finally flew away, only because a dog got too close to him and scared him. As Jeremy reported, “People love hawks, as it turns out.”

As Animal New York’s publisher Bucky Turco told the Daily News, “I guess there’s just something about when the wildlife just descends on the sidewalks. It’s not something that you expect in New York City.”

A hawk on the sidewalk near Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn (Jeremy/ANIMALNewYork)


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