Experience New York on “The Ride!”

Who has not yet heard of New York’s newest addition to its many attractions, titled ‘The Ride’!   Technically a tour bus, this 1.3 million dollar vehicle sports forty nine cushioned stadium seats which face the side of the bus, which is completely transparent, allowing the passengers to admire the incredible New York City, while those outside watch the tourists as they drive past. The bus is as tall as is legal, and is lit by 3,000 LED lights. It has 40 video screens, and is loaded with audio equipment worthy of a club or possibly even an IMAX theater.   The outer side of the non-transparent half of the bus is labeled ‘The Ride’ in dramatic red letters painted over a background of black.

The bus is not the main attraction, however. Thanks to the huge, panoramic windows, the passengers can appreciate the actual size of the surrounding buildings, get a better view of the people and lights and just truly grasp the unique feel of NYC. The 4.2 mile tour is themed as a journey through time, and the guides explain about various sites that are seen throughout.
The streets fill up with onlookers, with some of whom The Ride has scheduled exchanges in advance; actors, stand-up comedians and performers who break out in song or dance, all of whom present New York’s history, customs and street life in their natural habitats. The tour guides lead the passengers in song and slowly many onlookers walk alongside the bus and join it in song, so The Ride ends as a kind of parade through the streets of New York.


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