Marko Dimitrijevic says Frontier Markets are a Good Investment Opportunity

The world’s greatest investment opportunities lay in frontier markets, according to veteran investor Marko Dimitrijevic. These make up 71 of the 75 fastest-growing economies globally, and 19 percent of the world’s GDP.

Nevertheless, frontier markets have gotten extraordinarily little attention from the investment community, primarily because they carry a significant risk factor. According to Marko Dimitrijevic, economies gaining new access to technology and information are emerging quickly and maturing fast. They are an essential component of a globally diversified portfolio and should be considered for their potential rewards. Frontier markets are less internationally bound and thus have fewer fiscal global ties; furthermore expansive geographic spread yields minimal intertwining and increased diversification for global portfolios. 

Frontier markets are ideal investment platforms and a strong part of a robust international portfolio.

In his book Frontier Investor, Marko uses case studies, readable charts, and stories to explain why it is possible—and smart—to invest in these unseen and undervalued options. He charts the not so distant historical examples of China, India, and Russia showcasing their unprecedented growth. Mr. Dimitrijevic looks at the geo-political and financial risks inherent in these markets and highlights the trends that suggest promising results.


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