Disco Skating Rolling Into Industry City

Roller Disco. Photo courtesy Gordon Joly

The Sunset Park business hub in Industry City in Brooklyn is revving up to be the new temporary home for Dreamland Roller Disco. You may be familiar with their flashing lights, retro beats from when they take over the Lakeside rink in Prospect Park during the summer on Friday nights.

“It’s a huge deal for New York City to have an indoor roller rink again,” said Dreamland’s founder, Lola Star.

Dreamland is moving in on December 7, 2018, and will occupy the space for four months, until April 2, 2019.

The new rink will feature a polished concrete floor, ultra-UV carpet made luminescent by the retro black lights, a colorful disco ball illuminating the rink with psychedelic colors, plus a long list of fun activities throughout their long, cold, winter gig. Among the planned themed activities are:

• Groove-a-luscious Lunch Hour
• Hula Hoopy Happy Hour
• Skate Dance Class
• Dreamland Roller Disco
• Kids Roller Skate Classes
• Roll-a-Rama Family Skate Extravaganza
• One-Off Events such as private parties, corporate events, etc…
• Dreamland Discotheque for a 70s and 80s – themed family dress-up disco

“This gives people the opportunity to roller skate in the wintertime,” Star said. “It’s hard for me not to have skating parties in the winter. It makes me feel renewed and revived … a lot of people in the skating community feel the same way. And now we will be able to skate, and the community is going to grow and include more people of more ages.”

In April Dreamland returns to Prospect Park for their Friday night roller disco extravaganzas.


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