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Today’s NY Dating Advice

Dating in New York can be a very daunting experience.   This is especially the case for business executives and those who spend a lot of time on their careers.   First, they have a lot of time-commitment to their work responsibilities.   Second, there are not that many suitable places in the New York area to frequent in the hope of meeting the right match.   Third, with the 21st century focus on the computer and Internet, it’s just generally not so easy meeting someone in real life as opposed to virtually.

Meet Your Match with a Matchmaker

Thankfully there are other options.   There is the online dating option that works for many. However, a lot of people are extremely put off by this.   They feel that it is too “unnatural” to try to find the partner of their dreams through a website.   So instead, they opt to check in with a matchmaker.   This is great, but they need to be careful before signing up with such a service to ensure that it has only the best reputation.   Individuals such as Janis Spindel (a successful NY matchmaker offering excellent services in the area) and Barbra Brooks are matchmakers who have a wealth of long-term experience in this area and can provide excellent, discreet services.

These matchmakers seek out quality in the individuals they try to set up.   They understand the pressure a New York businessman has in his daily life, realizing that such an individual probably simply doesn’t have the time to try to find a high-quality, classy, attractive life partner.   So they take that pressure off and do the work for you. While many people are embarrassed to contact a matchmaking service, it is important to understand that the hesitation is groundless. It is perfectly natural to just never be in the right place at the right time, and there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Privacy Pride

What is also very important to these high-end New York matchmakers is privacy.   They will never betray a confidence and all data is securely locked in a closed system.   As well, they are extremely selective in the clients that they will take on, ensuring no one is matched with someone less than top quality.   All the date has to do is show up, since these matchmakers put on a full service for you, doing all the legwork ahead of time.

So if you are a New York novice, or even if you feel like you’ve had enough dates to last a lifetime and can name every restaurant in the NY area, you might just be ready to take a break and try something different.   Remember:   before signing up with a New York matchmaker, read the fine print and ensure you will be getting a quality service that works for you.


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