Daniel Straus HealthBridge Exec, Announces Upcoming Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Daniel Straus HealthBridge
Daniel Straus HealthBridge

CEO Daniel Straus, HealthBridge Management, announced earlier this month that he was aiming towards the goal of raising at least $1 million for the company’s Valentine’s Ball scheduled for February 12. This annual evening event supports The Valerie Fund, an organization which benefits thousands of children in New Jersey and the greater New York area who have been diagnosed with cancer and blood related illnesses.

Daniel Straus, Healthbridge Management, and the other affiliated companies including CareOne Centers in New Jersey, and Care Virginia in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, have been working tirelessly to make this important fund raiser a success.

“Those of us at CareOne feel that there’s no more meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in support of The Valerie Fund” said Straus. “The work of The Valerie Fund is heartwarming, supporting both superb state-of-the-art outpatient healthcare and emotional support each year for thousands of New Jersey children with cancer and blood disorders. The fund is a wonderful example of love being expressed by giving to others, and we are proud to support it. We’ve set a fundraising goal of $1 million. That’s an ambitious goal but I am confident in the ability of our team to achieve and perhaps even exceed it.”

The funds raised will not only go to Valerie Fund Centers, but will also be distributed in support of scholarships, transportation to treatments for patients who would otherwise be forced to rely on public means of transport, and for attendance at Camp Happy Times. Camp Happy Times is a one week sleep-over camp for 200 children who have or have had cancer, an experience which is provided free of charge through the auspices of the Valerie Fund.


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