Cheers from the New York Public Library

New York Public Library
New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is trying to compete with Barnes & Noble and Starbucks in a brilliant move of creativity.  They are launching a one year pilot program to implement two food-and-drink locations inside their historic building.

Starting this week, patrons can go to the two “witchcraft” kiosks that will be located in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building and buy all sorts of items. In addition to coffee, library patrons can enjoy chocolate chip scones, fancy-pants sandwiches and more.  The library officials have explained that they are launching the service because of customer feedback.

As Anne Coriston, the library’s vice president for public service, said,

“We believe these stands will be a welcome addition and will enhance the experience for everyone, from those visiting for a few hours to those researching in the building all day.”

Don’t get too excited, however, about curling up with your book and your coffee.  The kiosk food won’t be allowed into the reading areas, but there will be seating locations nearby.

Patrons are looking forward to the luxury.  As Shawn Lynch, a tour guide from Woodside, Queens said,

“If I were doing research for five hours at a time, then a cup of coffee would be nice. As long as you don’t get your coffee stains on a Gutenberg Bible.

Barnes & Noble it may not be – but the new kiosks certainly show an appreciation for customer feedback and an attempt to meet the needs of the modern reader.



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