1 Second Snapshots from His Life

We all talk about wanting to capture the last year of our lives – to save those precious moments – but few of us actually do it in any tangible way. Not true for Brooklyn artist Cesar Kuriyama.  Kuriyama has created a hit short film that is composed entirely of one-second clips that he took each day during his 30th year.

The video takes six minutes to watch and includes 365 clips from Kuriyama’s life.  He had the idea when he turned 30 and wanted to capture his 30th year in a memorable way.  He took the year off from working and enjoyed solidifying one moment of each day during his year.


It turns out that Kuriyama enjoyed the project so much that he’s continuing – for the rest of his life.  As Kuriyama said,  

“When I’m gone, this long continuous video starting at 30 will live on.”

The One Year Project

Kuriyama got more than he bargained for from his one year project.  Starting on February 20th, 2011 (his birthday), Kuriyama said, “I realized that I wanted to have something at the end of my year off that would allow me to remember what I did.” And he found the movie influencing his actions during the year.  Having quit his advertising job to focus on family, travel and personal growth, Kuriyama made sure to do something interesting every day, even if most of the day was spent in front of the computer.

Capturing His Moments

Kuriyama captured everything from his travels during the year to a friend’s wedding and a relative’s funeral.  He documented many interesting finds from his 95 day roadtrip through the U.S. and Canada and even documented his sister-in-law’s battle with a stomach condition that was life-threatening.  As he explained, “Remembering the bad times allows you to appreciate the good times.”

Kuriyama’s future is looking quite bright at the moment. He recently showed off his film at the TED conference and has been working on a smartphone app that would allow others to easily capture their own quick-take videos.  And, of course, he’ll be continuing with those snapshots of a moment in time of his life.


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