New York

Betty White Visits the Central Park Zoo

Betty White, America’s sweetheart since the 40s, recently released a new book called “Betty and Friends: My Life at the Zoo.” The 89-year-old New York Times bestselling author is a passionate animal lover and animal welfare advocate, and is also a trustee, benefactor and volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

This weekend, White visited the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan to be interviewed about her book. The project has been described as “a love letter to zoos and to the animals in them, from a woman who admits she likes animals better than humans.” The letter takes the reader on a “private tour of her favorite animals and her friendships with them.” Filled with large photos and amusing stories, the book reveals White’s true wild spirit.

During the interview, White asked, “Can I see the animals now?” and was quickly led on a tour through the zoo, feeding sea ducks, seals and hedgehogs while she chatted with the zoo keeper about tiger cubs, her special animal friends and her busy career.



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