American Natural Introduces CNG as Fuel Into the Region

American Natural
Newest Fuel Station for CNG Opens in Pittsburgh

An expansion of the New York-based Cleopatra Resources, American Natural recently opened their first “multi-gas” fuel station in Pittsburgh.

American Natural offers a unique product and is hoping that lower-cost and environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) will appeal to cost and environmentally conscious consumers. CEO of American Natural, Jennifer Pomerantz explained that CNG is about $2 less per gallon than gasoline. CNG also creates less air pollution than other fuels. Pointing out that many other countries have already begun to adopt CNG as an alternative fuel, veteran and former Pittsburgh Steeler Rocky Bleier noted that if India and China are using CNG, then “Why not here?”

In addition to offering CNG to customers, regular gasoline and diesel fuel are also for sale. A “fast-casual” convenience store is located on the premises, selling fresh coffee, pastries, salads and sandwiches.

Cleopatra resources purchased Mon Valley Petroleum in September, 2012, bringing along with it 12 Buy-n-Fly gas stations as well as a fuel distribution business. American Natural’s first fuel station opened in July, 2013 at Pittsburgh’s South Side, Station Square location. Andrea Feinstein, executive vice president of American Natural, hinted that it is likely that some of the other gas stations could undergo a similar transition.

“Not that every single (former) Buy-n-Fly will turn into this brand, but there may be a couple more over the next 12 months” Feinstein said.

American Natural is also undertaking to outfit existing automobiles with the technology to run on CNG. They have already opened a conversion business which has changed over several vehicles in its own fleet. They hope to expand this aspect of the business to anyone wishing to use CNG in the cars they already own.


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