Bushwick’s M Train Central Station Reopens with New Look

New Look for the M Train Central Station
New Look for the M Train Central Station

After a hiatus of five months and an $11 million makeover, commuters in Bushwick got back their Central Avenue stop on the M train line.

Among the spanking new features at the station are the repair of structural damage on the decrepit staircases and a new drainage system.

Travelers who are not in too much of a hurry will also notice new artwork and a lovely, reinvigorated mezzanine.

“It was desperately needed, and very timely that they renewed the entire station, and it’s just very pleasant looking,” said State Senator Martin Malave Dilan.

Federal funding made the upgrade possible, not just for Central Station but for a previous station on the M line. There is also work going on to improve three other stations in Queens.

“This was unattractive, deplorable and today what we have is a safer attractive train station, one that we can be proud of,” said City Councilwoman Diana Reyna, referring to Central Station.


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