Zamperla and Bitezakis Reach Agreement on Grill in Coney Island

Steve Bitezakisbuilt Steve’s Grill House in 1993, and has been operating his popular eatery, located on the boardwalk in Coney Island, happily ever since. That is until last year when the new landlord of the property, Zamperla, did not renew Bitezakis’ lease at the end of last season.

Steve's Grill House


Zamperla wanted Bitezakis out, but Bitezakis took Zamperla to court on the grounds that he is the owner of the building. The judge agreed with Bitezakis that the building does indeed belong to him, but the judge required him to move the building off of Zamperla’s property.

However, it appears that the two litigants have come to an agreement the details of which have not yet been disclosed, nor has any formal contract been signed. Bitezakis and his family have had a steak in Coney Island for more than half a century; running businesses on the boardwalk since the 1950s.


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