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Tom’s Heading to Coney Island

Tom's Prospect Heights

Since 1936 Tom’s has been the place to go in Prospect Heights for an Egg Cream, or any other fountain treat your Brooklyn taste buds desired. If all goes as planned, Brooklynites from South of Kings Highway won’t have to shlepp all the way to Prospect Heights for their root beer floats, but can head on over to Coney Island for their authentic Tom’s taste treats.

Jimmy Kokotas is the owner of Tom’s, and this is what he thinks of the proposed expansion:

“I think bringing this to the boardwalk and to Coney Island would open up a wonderful opportunity for the people of the beach, for the people of Coney Island.”

The space Tom’s is vying for is the former residence of ChaCha’s and Nathan’s Famous right along the boardwalk. Kokotas has been negotiating a deal with the boardwalk’s owner Zamperla to lease the space, and an agreement is expected by the end of the week.

Kokotas says he plans on keeping the menu in the new site the same as in the Prospect Heights shop; perhaps adding some sea food dishes to match the ambiance of Coney Island. He is also considering the using the roof.

“We’d like to stay open as much as possible. The ultimate goal is 52 weeks so people can come and have pancakes and eggs and whatever else they’d like on the boardwalk in

Toms Coney Island

December, in January and February,” says Kokotas.

If the deal is forged as expected we can all expect to see Tom’s open for business as early as this coming spring.


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