High-Tech Startups in New York Gaining Momentum

New York is not known as one of the more influential locales on the technology start-up scene, but there are several signs that New York is trying hard and making up some ground in this lucrative and exciting sphere.

New York already has a Facebook presence, and together with other such stellar technology players, New York is sure to draw more talent to this relatively new market. As João-Pierre S. Ruth put it,

Jerry Neuman

“If New York wants to keep its momentum alive; it needs to establish a symbiotic environment where big and little guys can thrive.”

Ruth’s interview in Xconomy with New York-based start-up investor Jerry Neuman reveals several aspects of investing in start-ups, especially in New York. Jerry Neuman is an engineer as well as a financier, and as such he has a lot to say on the subject of hi-tech and its place in the economic scene of New York. Neuman has been employed by such powerhouse companies as IBM, Deloitte, and Prodigy. Currently Neuman has put is power behind firms such as Yieldbot, 33Across, and PlaceIQ, all in the Big Apple. He is also lending his knowledge and advice to start-ups like Sociocast, a data analytics provider.


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