New York

WAGMAG Helps Support Street Art in Brooklyn

Kathleen Vance and Daniel Aycock

Since 2001 Daniel Aycock and Kathleen Vance have put together a local guide to art and artists, coinciding with Brooklyn’s explosion of street art creativity. The guide, known as WAGMAG, Williamsburg and Greenpoint Monthly Art Guide, first began mainly as a vehicle to publicize openings at art collectives and galleries it what was then the truly artsy neighborhood of Williamsburg.

With gentrification setting in and the neighborhood’s ambiance changing and few artists remaining in the area, greater Brooklyn is nevertheless still a haven for artists with fresh ideas and enormous talents, and WAGMAG is here to help you find them with maps depicting 15 neighborhoods throughout Kings County.

In addition to running WAGMAG Aycock and his artist wife Kathleen Vance own the Front Room gallery at 147 Roebling Street in Williamsburg. Between the two of them they have their finger on the pulse of the art scene in Brooklyn and work with Brooklyn’s artists on a regular basis. Their special love for street art is apparent, since they have had the outer walls of their gallery dabbled and dabbed with that special brand of creative expression many times over.


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