UFOs Over Brooklyn Cause Speculation on End of the World

Three strange lights seeming to fly in formation over Brooklyn on December 3rd was captured in an amateur video taken in Prospect Heights. The mysterious lights were seen a bit after sunset and caused speculation online that this “sighting” is part of a pattern of supposed “UFO” sightings over major cities across the United States.

Some interested parties are wondering if this is the introductory event leading up to the complete destruction of the world on December 21; the date foretold by the Mayan calendar to be the end of time as we know it.

One man in the video is recorded as saying that,

“This is the second time in Brooklyn we’re seeing round orbs in the air. Look those two are in perfect formation right there! This is freaking me out …Unidentified flying objects again over Brooklyn!”

Others in the video who were standing on Vanderbilt and Dean Street can be heard saying,   “three orbs glowing like fire” were “flying in perfect formation.” The three lights suddenly stopped together and then disappeared.

San Francisco has also been visited by these strange lights apparently. On December 9 another amateur photographer recorded a similar “UFO” sighting of the Mission District close to sunrise.


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