New Yorkers Preparing for Rise in Precious Metal Prices

Price of Silver Expected to Rise

The price of gold is high, and is expected to climb even higher, making silver an important alternative investment, with plenty of potential for growth.   New Yorkers have been keeping their eyes on silver, especially after silver’s excellent showing during the second half of 2012, heading north from a June 28 low of $26.13 per ounce to beyond $33 just recently. According to one analyst, Money Morning’s Global Resources Specialist Peter Krauth, silver could go as high as $54 per ounce in the coming year.

The most important concern to an investor buying precious metals is that they be purchased from a reliable and reputable dealer with experience in the business. The dealer’s policies and warranties should be stated clearly, especially if you plan on making purchases online or by phone.

Several firms have proven to be reliable with years of experience serving investors in the United States:

Asset Strategies International: Based in Rockville Maryland, ASI has a large supply of silver bullion products on hand. However their website is in the midst of a redesign, so online purchases are limited at the moment.

The Tulving Company: Newport Beach, California is where Tulving calls home. They support their customers 24 hours/day and can track trading and price quotes everywhere around the world.


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