Tim Eberle Raps on About Brownstone, Brooklyn

When I grew up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, there was something a little bit raunchy and tough about the place. It was the perfect place to be born if you wanted to get ahead in life. Just about anywhere you ended up was better than where you started. As a child, traveling with my parents every Sunday to visit my grandparents in Manhattan was like leaving behind the world of boring and bland, and entering the universe of glamorous and glorious. This was my feeling, even though we went no further north than Canal Street.

Today, there is no need to leave Brooklyn at all to get this feeling. According to Tim Eberle, all you need to do is head from anywhere in Brooklyn towards “Brownstone” and you have entered the realm of everything that is cool, hip and sophisticated.

And who exactly, you might ask, is Tim Eberle? If you haven’t heard of him yet, you are about to find out. First off, what makes him really special is that he is an avid reader of this blog, and that makes him already my new best friend. Second, he is a comedian and writer, just like, as he puts it, “everybody else who lives in Brooklyn.” Umm, maybe he’s right, since that describes me, too.

I suggest taking a look at Eberle’s web site, and listening to this funny, smart video. If you love Brooklyn these days and are excited about where it’s heading, and especially if you are a world-class snob about it, then you will love this video. Gotta go. I heard Trader Joe’s is having a sale!


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