Mockingbirds Attacking Visitors to Transmitter Park in Greenpoint

Attacking or Nesting? Hard to Know
Attacking or Nesting? Hard to Know

Life has finally caught up with art as ferocious mockingbirds attack innocent visitors at a Greenpoint park, reminiscent of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.”

The birds have been swooping down onto the heads of moms, and even pulling out their hair with their beaks. There have been at least six such events in the past month, all of them taking place in Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park.

“I was taking [my baby] out of the stroller to bring him to the play area, and that’s when the bird got me” said Ruby Rosser, 34. “It hurt a little . . . I felt like it was trying to get my hair” she said, adding that she has since stopped going to this park.

It is not clear if the birds are afraid of the visitors and attacking them to protect their nest, or are harvesting the mom’s hair to pad their nests. Not just moms were victims, either. In at least one case the object of the bird’s wrath was a man, 36-year-old Nathaniel Ziering, who was in the park walking his dog.

“I came in through that entrance and I saw a shadow come at my head” said Ziering. “It came back and landed on my head, so I shooed it away. I guess it was mocking me…I guess it’s mocking all of us.”


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