The Splashers Are Ready!

If you go to the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA on Bedford Avenue on a given evening, you just might be able to catch a peak at the Splashers.   These 40 senior swimmers have set their sights to the Empire State Senior Games, a statewide competition in June that is for athletes ages 50 and older.

As spunky Splashers co-founder Earl Patton, 74, says, “We intend to bring home the gold this year. We still have the competitive spirit. We’re all fired up!”

These games, which will take place at the campus of SUNY-Cortland will see 2000 athletes compete in 22 land and water sports.   This will be the Splashers third year in the competition.   They have yet to bring home a gold, but they’ve got their goal for this year in place!


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