The Inspiring Brooklyn Public Library

I assume you love to read. Who else would be reading a blog when they should be working, studying, or the million other things non-blog readers do each day. So as a reader, and as a New Yorker with a special interest in Brooklyn, I will assume that you have been to the awe-inspiring main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. If you haven’t, then close your lap-top right now, get on the subway, and go!

One of the highlights of my childhood is exploring the vast expanses of this magnificent building. After walking through the immense doorway engraved with mythological and historical characters considered symbols and the embodiment of wisdom, all painted in gold-leaf, you enter a huge rotunda-style hall, filled with reading tables and a central desk to check out books and ask for information.

There was a wonderful children’s section in a room off of the main hallway, where I spent many happy hours. Visiting the library, especially in the company of my father, always felt like and adventure and probably inspired me to become one of those people, just like you, that loves to read.


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