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The Daily is Launching at the Guggenheim

Rupert Murdoch and The Daily

Two events are scheduled in the next day to launch the latest high tech news outlet; Rupert Murdoch’s flashy but traditional “The Daily” which can be read on iPods and iPads, not to mention computers, everywhere. Tonight Murdoch is inviting just a few of his closest friends to a ‘pre-launch-launch’ at his apartment in Manhattan. Tomorrow morning the main publicity event is set to take place at the Guggenheim Museum of Art.

Those who have gotten a look at The Daily up-close say that much of the new digital news journal looks just like news articles you can see anywhere. The newness of the Daily stems from news stories that look more like iPhone apps which include video, interactive graphics or just plain photos which might not be accompanied with any text at all.

Most exciting perhaps is the audio feature which will have the capability of reading the news out loud. That could be a benefit to many people, from the profoundly near-sighted, to the harried commuter who wants to choose the news he hears while he’s driving, rather than listening to news-radio which might not report the most important stories to any one particular person.

The prospects are exciting for a new way to get the news.


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