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New York Girl Following in Adele’s Footsteps

One Staten Island girl certainly loves Adele and hopes to meet her one day. Discovered in a PS 22 performance of Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep,” she is now part of a new Target ad. The ad shows Denise Bestman, 11, standing on a bus and busting out in Adele’s hit song.

As choral director Gregg Breinberg said,

“She was amazing. She looked amazing. She sounded amazing. She did us proud.”

The sixth grader is now at Intermediate School 51. Her favorite Adele song is “Set Fire to the Rain” and she’s thrilled to be featured in this latest commercial.  Nicknamed “Denise Star” by her relatives, she hopes to follow in Adele’s footsteps sometime.

As she said,

“I sing almost every day — at school, at home, outside. I sing when I’m bored. When I’m reading, I sometimes sing the words out. Sometimes reading is boring. I sing to make it more amusing.”

Creativity at its best from one future star here in New York!


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