Summer Heat Leads to Tragic Drownings

Sunday, July 18th was a day of tragedy in New York, when two teens drowned in the Bronx River in a popular swimming hole, despite the fact that it is a part of the river which is strictly off-limits to swimmers.

The two teens, David Luccioni age 17, and Crystal Reyes, 15 were cooling off in the apparently calm but truly treacherous water of the river after the third day of over-90 degree temperatures in the city. Crystal, who, according to witnesses did to know how to swim, slipped on rocks and fell into the river. David dived in after her when he realized that she was drowning.   Despite the fact that David’s twin brother, Matthew tried to save him, but “he slipped out of his hands” according to their father.

Just steps from the entrance to the Bronx Zoo, there is no easy access to this part of the river, and in order to enter the area one must jump over a wrought-iron fence and pass a sign reading “Danger No Swimming” which was placed there by the Parks Department.


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