New York

New York on Nothing a Day

Your probably know the answer to the question, “Why are New York City bridges so expensive going into New York, but free when you leave?” Of course it’s because, “No one has that kinda money when they leave.” If the prospect of spending a day in New York seems one in need of financing at your local bank, then I have some great ideas for you. There are tons of great things ordinary people like you and I can do in New York this summer without spending a dime.   They range in types of activities from concerts, theater, poetry readings, jazz, hikes, dancing, and more.

Just take a look at this amazing web site “Club freeTime.” It claims it is the only “source of free events, free things to do in New York City: your perfect guide to free Entertainment & free Culture in the City that never sleeps.”

The New York Times summed up the state of culture in New York City in its article about Club freeTime by stating that “New York is abuzz with so much culture that they’re giving it away.”

One small catch: membership is not free. But considering how many things you will find to do, you will probably save the cost of membership after just one activity.

Check it out and let me know where you went and how much fun you had.


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