LICH Gets Reprieve from Closure by Brooklyn Judge

Long Island College Hospital

Despite the desire of the State University of New York to close its Long Island College Hospital, a Brooklyn judge ruled that the hospital must stay open for now, at least until he decides whether the hospital will be allowed to permanently close its operations.

SUNY says that the Cobble Hill facility is a money pit that the University can no longer afford to keep open.

“LICH is in a serious state. It is losing millions of dollars,” state Assistant Attorney General Steven Banks argued at an emotionally charged hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Civil Court.

A group of concerned doctors and nurses would like to see the hospital remain open, along with Brooklyn’s Borough President Marty Markowitz:

“I speak for all of Brooklyn when I say our priority is to save this hospital. I don’t care about all the riches in the world if you don’t have good health.”

The judge, Johnny Lee Bayne promised make a decision on the status of the hospital as soon as possible. In the meantime his decision is to not do anything which would impede the hospital’s ability to treat patients.

“The stay is in full effect until this court or some other court says otherwise. Do not violate that,” he warned.


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