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Spotlight on Brooklyn’s Unsung Heroes

When you live in a place like Brooklyn, it’s certainly impossible to know everyone. But, it’s always heartwarming and important to see a glimpse into the lives of those who serve us here.   Meet Inspector James Guida; he’s been part of the NYPD for 30 years.

Fighting for His Life

For the last four years he’s been the head of the Manhattan South Narcotics. And, while he’s been working the beat, he’s been battling his own demons.

The 54 year old Queens-reared officer has endured three surgeries and many radiation treatments for sarcoma which was in his leg, lung and spine.

Theodore Roosevelt Award

For all of his dedication, he’s recently been awarded the department’s Theodore Roosevelt Award that is given to recognize the endurance and performance that an officer shows even when battling their own life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

As Guida explained,

“The work is rewarding. I have the responsibility of running the (south half of the) borough, and I’d be worrying about what’s going on when I was out. I wanted to see the cases through, and be there for the takedowns.”

Inspirational Officer

Chief Anthony Izzo from the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau said, “Jimmy is clearly an inspiration.   He pointed out that, after Guida finished one surgery at Sloan-Kettering, he went “straight to the office, and I ordered him to go home and rest.”

When presenting the award to Guida, Ray Kelly said,

“Every year, the winners of this award take their place among those who have confronted the most difficult circumstances imaginable and overcame them. You are an inspiration to us all.”

Picture by Joe Marino for New York Daily News

And for as long as his body continues to allow him to do so, Guida will be there for the next drug gang take down in Manhattan South.


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