First Skateboard Marathon to be Held in New York City

The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon will combine the thrill of action sports with the feel of a street festival this Friday, July 29.

Health and Fitness on the Agenda

The race will begin at Picnic Point on Governor’s Island and will follow a course around the island in a counter-clockwise direction. The sponsors of the race, the USA Distance Skateboard Association will be awarding the winner a prize of $15,000. In order to participate in this 26.2 mile-long “battle of fitness, endurance and action sports” contestants will need to secure an annual or race day license.

Street Fair Atmosphere

The race will showcase the lifestyle of action sports with a special emphasis on excellent health and fitness. Adding to the festival atmosphere will be created along the route of the race the feeling of different cities around the world which Adrenalina will visit this coming year, including San Juan, Plano, and Hallandale Beach. The start/finish line will also have an exhibition expo village of products and accessories related to extreme and action sports. Music will be provided while demonstrations of a variety of extreme sports will be performed.

Ringing the Bell at NASDAQ

As an added treat Ilia Lekach, the CEO and Chairman of Adrenalina will ring the closing bell of the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square.


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