New York

Single Item Restaurants Gaining in Popularity Around New York

A new phenomenon in fine-dining is rising around the streets of New York. Instead of the traditional restaurant offering many choices of entrees and side dishes, the trend today is in specialty restaurants offering numerous takes on the lovely meatball, the youthful macaroni and cheese, or the traditional fried chicken treat.

Focusing on one type of food can allow a restaurant to offer highly well-made food with the best ingredients and at a reasonable price. Contrary to what one might have thought, these obsessive restaurants seem to be attracting customers in larger numbers.

If we give it some thought, though, this is really not such a strange idea. New Yorkers have always flocked to pizza parlors or hot-dog stands. These new specialty food shops however have taken this fast food concept to a whole new level. Using the best ingredients, the most talented chefs and a great idea, fast food becomes slow food delivered in a fast and reasonably priced manner.


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