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Pseudo-Summer in the City

A Real Park

At a time in New York when everything seems to be covered in white, and turning to various shades of slushy gray, there is one place where New Yorkers can escape to to get a bit of green into their systems; and that is the remarkable installation on Mulberry Street. Enter into the Openhouse Gallery on Mulberry between Kenmare and Spring Streets in North Little Italy, and you enter into a summer paradise, at least artistically speaking.

With Astroturf on the floor, plastic plants stapled onto wooden tree trunks and simulated sunlight pouring out of light boxes, “The New York Earth Room” strives to replicate a warm, New York park in the middle of a pleasant summer day, complete with the recorded sounds of birds happily chirping.

Inside find New Yorkers relaxing, while giving their imaginations a workout while they picnic on the pseudo-grass, look at the

NOT a Real Park

surrounding greenery, get a douse of healthful sunlight specially made to treat seasonal affective disorder, and basically taking a vacation from all that cold, white, wet stuff we have been privileged to receive lately in spades.

Need a break? Check it out. The ‘park’ will be around through the end of the month and   open to the public every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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