New York

EveryBlock Connects Brooklyn Residents Brilliantly

If you haven’t heard about EveryBlock yet, it’s time to get started with it. Here is a short tutorial about the amazing site. Started in Chicago by Adrian Holovaty in 2007, EveryBlock allows those in New York to find out about all sorts of news and information happening in their neighborhood.

The site allows you to connect with people in your exact location. For instance, for Brooklyn alone, they’ve divided the site up into approximately 60 locations. Once you sign up for free, you’ll be privy to neighborhood messages with a chat section for you and your neighbors; you’ll see civic information including crime reports, restaurant inspections, building permits and more; you’ll see when the media mentions the neighborhood and what they have to say about it; and you’ll get local pictures posted to Flickr, local business reviews on Yelp and postings from Craigslist.

EveryBlock recently made some of the local blog sites because they’ve started to focus in on restaurant inspections. Their site lists how many inspections a given restaurant has had and allows you to follow the process as the restaurants are inspected, given violations and inspected again.

The site’s a great way for us to keep our fingers on the pulse of Brooklyn’s happenings!


James Allenby is the editor of Gowanus Lounge, bringing to his position a vast background on New York, and especially Brooklyn history, culture and lifestyle. Born and bred in the heart of "the County of Kings" James Allenby knows what it means to be a Brooklynite, and imparts this meaning at all times to his readers. Contact James at info(at)