Pop-up Picnics Picking Up in Popularity

Looking across Fort Jay on Governor’s Island to Lower Manhattan’s Skyscrapers. Photo courtesy of ChrisRuvolo

Leave it to Brooklynites to imagine new and creative ways to meet up and make new friends. Called PopUpBrooklyn, it is the largest d-i-y dinner party in the country.

Party goers signed up, paying $35 per person for the opportunity to share a meal outdoors with about 6,000 other participants. The most recent event’s locale was not even known to the crowds until only three hours before a 5pm launch time.

The $35 cover fee gets you tables, chairs, music and the venue, provided by event planner Hand Made Events, while participants bring their own food and table decorations. There is a push to have everyone clothed in white.

One participant, who has attended four such gatherings was excited:

“It’s a great sense of fun,” said Tiana Walton, from Kensington. “All your friends come out and you meet new people on line and we all have a great time.”

Another dinner guest, Michael Hellerman from Newark said,

“It’s always a different location and they had a strategy because they thought it was going to be at one location and then they had to adapt.”

The latest party took place in Red Hook on Pier 12 with great views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Before this the party has been in Prospect Park, while the next one is planned for Governor’s Island.


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