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Peter Arnell: 40 Years of Creativity Expressed in New Book

Peter Arnell has written a new book.  In two stunning volumes, Arnell and his co-author, Frank Gehry, capture the best of 40+ years of unstoppable creativity and ingenuity.

Peter Arnell
Author Peter Arnell

In this newest book, Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020, Arnell outlines how he built his branding career and shaped his own advertising, marketing, and PR business. Throughout the book, Arnell shares anecdotes about his robust and diverse client base– some of the biggest names in fashion, technology, food, and transportation. For each of these portfolios, Arnell explains how he created unlimited and unparalleled branding. Readers get a sense of Arnell’s one-of-a-kind cross-sector marketing strategy—a methodology that aligns design of all kinds: from graphic to industrial, photographic to architectural.

Peter Arnell
Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020

Arnell’s book is the closest lay-readers can get to the inner workings of the artistic—often mystifying and enigmatic—world of big-name branding and marketing. As an author, Arnell shares poignant personal narratives about his commitment to the Special Olympics, his friendship with Muhammad Ali, and his partnership with Duane Michaels. Many of the pages of this book include photos taken by Arnell himself. Some of these pictures are recognizable from fashion billboards, lifestyle ads, and gallery exhibits. Other pictures are never-before-seen snapshots of iconic New York moments and places.  

Just like his pioneering original designs, Arnell’s words and pictures capture readers’ attention. Collectively, this two-part tome is a seamless and engaging celebration of Peter Arnell’s epic work and a lifetime of innovation.  

Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020 is not Arnell’s first publication. The New York native also wrote Shift:How to Reinvent Your Business, Your Career, and Your Personal Brand.


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