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Be Savvy, New Yorkers, Says State Attorney General Schneiderman

Certainly, after disasters like those affecting the people of Japan, it is natural that people want to give. It is important, however, for New Yorkers and those elsewhere to know how to give — and to be careful not to get taken in by those who do not mean well.

Give Wisely

There are always people and organizations that will try to profit off of tragedy and those who will try to scam do-gooders. For these reasons, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman encourages New Yorkers to give wisely. He is offering the services of his office to New Yorkers to make sure that donations they send really get to the right place.

Giving Suggestions

In addition, he has released a number of tips to help out those who want to give. They include such items as: giving to established charities; asking the organization how it will use the donations; avoiding unsolicited emails; giving only checks, never cash; avoiding giving credit card information or personal information on the phone or by text; and checking an organization’s website before giving.

The CEO of Red Cross of Northeaster New York, Gary Striar, agrees. He says, “There are lots of places to check, lots of resources available for people to look at a charity and say is this a reputable organization.”


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