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New York Gets Back Schaefer Beer

Evan Metropoulos headshot
Evan Metropoulos of
Pabst Brewing Company

In early September, Pabst Brewing Company brought New York’s quintessential lager back home. Schaefer, a beer company established in New York in 1842, reopened in New York for the first time in more than forty years.

According to Evan Metropoulos, co-CEO of the revamped Pabst Brewing Company, Schaefer’s versatility and lightness are what make it a classic.

Evan Metropoulos New York
Evan Metropoulos is proud to bring a New York classic back to its roots

Metropoulos explains some of Shaefer’s New York roots. It was the corporate sponsor of New York Mets and the Brooklyn Dodgers and was a showcased feature of the 1964 World Fair in New York. The reintroduction of the beer did require some pivoting given the pandemic, says Metropoulos, but Schaefer is available across New York and home delivery is possible in New York City.


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