New York

Neil R Cole Advanced Your Virtual Shopping Experience

Neil R Cole, the award-winning branding pioneer and founder of both Iconix Brand Group and Next Retail Concepts, stated : “I believe we are creating the brand optimization model of the future by capitalizing on these cutting-edge technologies, and I am excited by the immersive technology we are developing. I believe it will not only excite consumers but allow retailers to offer a brand experience unlike anything in the market today.”
Neil Cole Iconix Founder was a trail blazer in brand building . Then with the advent of Next Retail Concepts, Cole introduced a way to ensure shoppers’ lifestyle standards while eliminating wasted time traveling and standing on lines. The digital platform enabled customers to shop online while retaining the feeling of being in a physical store. The shopper “walks” virtually through a 3D store and browses through merchandise. Everybody knows we New Yorkers are fast-paced people. Everyone seems to constantly be on their way somewhere to do something, and rushing to get there quickly. Jokes aside, we live in an age where efficiency is of utmost importance as people have many responsibilities and a lot to accomplish. One such time-consuming task is shopping. Some enjoy it, some hate it. But, we all need to do it. This unique shopping experience founded by Neil R Cole first launched in partnership with Mastercard and Fred Segal, premiering at 29Rooms in Los Angeles, an exclusive event by Refinery29. With the advancement of technology and increasing demands in our lives, New Yorkers are sure to enjoy this shopping upgrade.


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