Going, Going, Gone! Another Manufacturer Flees the City

AP&G Facility at 170-53rd St. Brooklyn, NY
AP&G Facility at 170-53rd St. Brooklyn, NY

Despite its deep Brooklyn roots AP&G, a midsized manufacturing company, will be re-planting itself across the Hudson in Bayonne, New Jersey.

New York simply could not compete with New Jersey’s offer too good to be refused; $11 million in tax credits spread over the next ten years. New York’s counter offer? Free real-estate services and other incentives, but no financial incentives that could compare.

AP&G produces Catchmaster adhesives which are used in bug traps, mouse boards and fly sticks. They also employ a bit over 100 workers in their factory. After their move to Jersey they expect to up that number to 150 employees whose median annual wages will be over $56,000.

Officials from New York’s economic development office approached AP&G concerning the planned move, but the amount of space the company was looking for, about 170,000 square feet, is hard to find.

“Any time I talk to a business that’s looking for over 200,000 square feet, that’s looking for a diamond in the rough,” said Miquela Craytor, head of the city Economic Development Corp.’s industrial initiatives.

The New Jersey space is 171,000 square feet, in a brand new building.

Some experts noted that New Jersey’s enthusiasm to win manufacturing jobs to their turf is a big challenge to New York’s economy.

“This is warfare,” said Gordon MacInnes, president of New Jersey Policy Perspective, which is critical of tax incentives. “New York doesn’t want to lose a bunch of jobs that average $56,000 a year.”


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