Lifestyle Trends for 2016

lifestyleWhat kind of lifestyle accessories are hitting the shelves in 2016? What are the “must-haves” for the new year? These days, anyone who is anyone who is anyone can snap a great picture for one main reason: “no one is making a bad camera anymore” according to Chris Gampat, author of The Photoblographer. Indeed, even those who don’t own a camera but are just snapping moments in time with a phone can get a pretty good shot; the only things you need are a) the desire to do so and b) a creative vision. Thus, cameras are one of the lifestyle accessories one needs in 2016.

What else? Taking a look at the most recent CES Conference we find the following: cars — there have been quite a few cool new advancements in car technology. One of these is the vehicle function controls on the Band 2 fitness wearable (brought to us by Microsoft in conjunction with Volvo).     Ford, Amazon and Echo have done something similar providing the consumer with the capacity to unlock their vehicle from inside their home.

Next up is the portable Apple watch charger from Griffin as well as the Magsafe converter for Apple’s new MacBook USB-C charger. In addition, if you are busy making a pie but still need control of your mobile device (heaven forbid you should be “out of control” for even two minutes) thanks to the Bixi gesture sensing accessory, this is no longer an issue.

Finally, with the legalization of medical marijuana in many places throughout the nation, according to Adam Greenblatt, co-founder of the medical marijuana clinic Santé Cannabis, “the difference should be that people with a prescription should get cost coverage for that marijuana, and they should not be paying whatever excise or syntax is applied to the recreational consumer.” In other words, their quality of life will be enhanced by being able to get the marijuana through a legal source and not having to pay unreasonable prices.

Each year we get more advanced technologically. Keep your eyes peeled to keep abreast of these progressions.


James Allenby is the editor of Gowanus Lounge, bringing to his position a vast background on New York, and especially Brooklyn history, culture and lifestyle. Born and bred in the heart of "the County of Kings" James Allenby knows what it means to be a Brooklynite, and imparts this meaning at all times to his readers. Contact James at info(at)