New York

Kosher Culinary Arts Sponsors Search for “The Next Great Kosher Chef”

Labeling itself as “the only all-kosher culinary academy outside of Israel” the Center of Kosher Culinary Arts sponsored a kosher-only kosher chefs’ cook-off last Sunday. The competition is hailed as the search for the “Next Great Kosher Chef” and was filmed at a commercial kitchen in Long Island City, Queens.
The sponsor is a three-year-old organization with its headquarters in Midwood, Brooklyn. The Center offers classes in fine dining to chefs seeking to ply their trade on a strictly kosher basis.

Explaining the special appeal the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts has for Jewish chefs who keep kosher, too, Elka Pinson, the Center’s owner said, “They can come, they can taste, they can eat” Elka said of her students. At secular institutes, she said, “you pay $45,000 and can’t taste a thing!”


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