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iPads Are Latest Educational Aid on Long Island

Apple iPads are continuing to show their versatility and usefulness in all different aspects of life. One of the more popular places the iPad seems to be popping up is in educational settings, as more and more schools across the nation embrace this latest form of modern technology.

One of those schools is right here in New York. Roslyn High School on Long Island distributed 47 iPads to students and their teachers on December 20th in two humanities classes. The hope is that eventually all 1100 of the students there will be given iPads.

The intention of the distribution of these cool tools is for the students to use them instead of textbooks, to communicate with teachers, write their assignments, essays, papers and other projects and turn them in, and easily preserve the student’s work digitally.

“It allows us to extend the classroom beyond these four walls” said Larry Reiff, an English teacher at Roslyn who now posts all his course materials online.


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